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    While Hoards of Alternative Hip-Hop artists are chasing the next future sound, Bear the Astronot is taking pieces of the past, and bending genres into something new and exciting. He is done with begging to be a part of the Hip Hop culture. He is now just a guy plucking away at a banjo, writing songs he likes, and hoping that you can find the same comfortable embrace in his music he does. Click Get Familiar for a playlist of Bear the Astronot’s more popular songs, or join a Fan Club to become part of the team.

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The New Album Collecting Words

10 years of Bear the Astronot collected just for you. One Acapella and 33 songs Remastered. A perfect way for new listeners to get a grasp of Bear the Astronot’s songwriting and sound, or a great way for those that are already fans to get a collection of their Remastered favorites.

Bear the Astronot

New to my music or a fan looking to collect some favorite tracks – Collecting Words is your first step.

Bear the AstronotThis is where I recommend you start.

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Bear the Astronot Music

Alternative Hip-Hop with hints of Americana &

SouthWest Soul

Thank you for visiting Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina’s site. You can just listen, download, learn, and even get involved by joining one of the Fan Clubs. I appreciate your help to get my music heard. If you enjoy an album or a song please share it with your friends and write about or share it online.   All it takes is an email to Join Flight School and get some current and new music downloads for free.  Bear creates a mix of Alternative Hip Hop, Americana, Electronic, and much more by using influences from the past to make something new and refreshing.

Newest Releases

The table below shows the newest releases from Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina.  View All Music to see all albums and singles for purchase and free download.

Bear the Astronot

I hate to see music fall into so many formulas. All the Pop artists sound alike. All the Rappers on the radio sing about the same things. All the dance music is just a formula to sell club fun. I just hope that I make a little dent in all of that formula, and knock off the algorithm, even if it’s just a little bit.

Bear the AstronotMC, Singer-Songwriter, Professional Bourbon Drinker
Bear Cole

Remember, I give my music away for free in hopes that it will get heard by more people that way.  If you like a song or an album, post it, write about it, take a selfie, Song Crush Saturday it – I don’t care.  Just share it with your friends and family, and please keep on listening!

Bear ColeSome Dude
  • Music is Important

    I have worked in the music industry in many facets and positions. I have built the stages, run the boards, and performed on the stages. I have recorded the songs, promoted the shows, and paid many a band out of my own pocket. My love for music goes far beyond making it. I hope that you can feel that love in the songs I write and produce. Music is dying right now as we speak. Not in an end of the world sort of way, but in the fact that our kids don’t listen to it like they used to. That is why it is so special that you took the time to stop by, listen, and download some songs.

    Bear the Astronot on the MIC
Bear the Astronot

Bear the Astronot

MC, Wordsmith, Singer-Songwriter

Bear the Astronot is an MC and Hip-Hop artist from Arizona. He is Bear Cole’s Mouth. He grew up on Hip-Hop, Rock, and Reggae - and now makes music loosely influenced by all three.

Turntable Kachina

Turntable Kachina

Producer, Musician, Heart Throb

Turntable Kachina is Bear Cole’s exploration into instrumental, world, and dance music. He is Bear Cole’s Ears. Turntable Kachina is a producer with a knack for smashing Hip-Hop loops.

  • Thank you so much for listening. My name is Bear Cole, and I have several alter ego’s that help me make music. I was young once and worried about making it, getting signed, and all that crap. Now I have realized that music is sooooo much more fun when you just make it for you. I appreciate all of you that take the time to listen, and hope if you do that you also take the time to reach out and contact me. I basically make this music for you and I, and love hearing your thoughts. I have tons of albums, and keep making more. You are free to download most for free, or can make a donation if you would like.

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