Closeup Seed

Bear the Astronot says Plant the Seed of music Now!

Any #musicians that take the time to read people's posts. You better plant the seed now. When I was young all that mattered was the next great band, the Cassette Tape I begged for on Christmas. Every Christmas there was a speaker, or a CD, or a poster of my favorite band on my list. Kids don't live in music like that anymore. Now a days music is just the background track on their favorite video game. I asked my 10 year old son yesterday what would happen if I asked his friends at school what their favorite band, or group, or DJ was. He said they would say they like #dubstep and #bluegrass . While I appreciate the diversity, I told him those are just Genres. You need to find a #band or a #DJ or a #group that makes you feel amazing! Like when you hear their #songs you know they are speaking your language. Then he said, "I like your music dad." I gotta love that, but it is so important for kids to find #artists they love to raise them through childhood. So musicians you better #PlanttheSeedNow !!! #music

Bear the Astronot in the Studio

Working on these web sites is hard with my #studio toys staring me in the face. #beartheastronot #music #gear #workflow