Rest in Peace Lyrics – Deidra De Los Muertos by Bear the Astronot

All lyrics written and performed by Bear the Astronot (Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)



Verse 001:

Back in the day when I rode with cards in my spokes,

I had a ripped up banana seat and still ridin’ on folks,

At the Basketball court, in black Reebok Pumps,

6ft. Hoop, Shawn Kemp evertytime I dunk,

I spent my snow days in a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket,

Throwing snow balls on the street and stoppin’ traffic,

And if the alcohol and drugs hadn’t taken them,

We’d still be rolling deep,

Just like the Fantastic FAM.

But now it’s me, the lesser of the Hooligans,

Still write my rhymes in pen,

Hibernating up in the Den again.

Now those of us that made it are losing fathers,

Trying to focus on raising our own sons and daughters,

I still think back to good times,

Glonnies at the park,

Getting’ drunk off some red wine.

Somebody just got knocked out,

Take the route through the trees so the Rangers never

Figure this out.

Bear the Astronot was born,

Freestyling in a uniform,

To beats on tapes,

Rewind then wait,

Tricca, Nannels, and Babe,

We roll our snakes in papes,

No E-cigs, we never heard of no vapes.

Back in the day, when I was carrying crates,

Bench press in the back trying to put on some weight,

Dirty fingers from these rusty old plates,

Up early in the morning, and we’re coming home late.

It makes, you want to ask god Why? Do good things have to die.

How is the pain of loss justified?

To all the times and the friends deceased.




To all the times and the friends deceased,

Peace be with you,

May you rest in peace,

(Repeat x 4)


Verse 002:

My life is quickly turning pages,

Here I am again at the Shrine of Ages Graveyard,

We used to play in my yard,

Time doesn’t seem far,

Since you rolled that car

It’s been over 10 years,

Still find myself here,

Now Pacos here, and this time of year,

All the deer walk right in here, with their satellite ears,

Like they can hear you tell me,


But here’s where it got real Ed,

When I found out that Spencer Keil was pronounced dead,

Heath, Brock, Misty, and Phish,

So many that I miss that I just can’t list,

I know that they are blessed in the place they’ve reached,

But in grief, It’s so hard to make my mind REST IN PEACE.

Who ever would of thought growing up in such a small place,

That death would have such a very strong face,

But thanks for the pictures, and thanks for all the memories,


Thanks for being friends to me.

Now that those times are gone,

We can find peace in beats and songs.




(Repeat x 4)

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