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NOW Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot (Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)



NOW I messed up everything right NOW and

NOW my head won’t stop it with this ring right NOW and

NOW I realize that we are so fragile and NOW

I messed it up again girl.

NOW I’m praying for a break right NOW and

NOW I’m drowning in my own mistakes right NOW and

NOW my hearts so thin that it breaks right NOW and


I messed it up again girl.


Verse 001:

I was this way the second that you met me, didn’t even want to hold your hand, but you let me.

I was afraid I’d mess it up again, and I pretty much did.

Now your running down the center line of the road, headlights aimed dead at you, ready to let us go.

I could see it in your eyes, you pretty much wish that I would die. And I wish that I would die too because I hurt you, but for now I ‘ll just yell at you and curse you.

What! You think that the neighbor thinks I’m too loud? Well tell him to say it to my face if he’s a man Now!

Now your scared because I’m usually quiet and pensive.

The only reason that I’m yelling is because I’m sensitive.

Let’s just make up then all of this can end…

Well you went out dancing with your fucking ex-boyfriend!!


Breakdown 001:




Verse 002:movie Petak Umpet Minako 2017 streaming

It isn’t you, it’s demons dwelling in my past. And I know I finally found the one at last.

And I know that we can make it out of this. But everytime we fight I see that other bitches fist.

Everytime we fight I see that other dude, on top of my girl when I walked in the room.

Everytime we fight I’m back in court, helpless as a child setting child support.

Yea, I see the problems, I know I have to fix em’, I know I can’t blame this one on the system.

This time it’s my own fault. Yea, my head’s about as thick as a bank vault.

But this time I’m going to make it up to you.

Look! I’m apologizing I don’t need the attitude.

That’s a touchy subject, don’t say that I’m a boozer.

You don’t even like my music, you think that I’m a loser.


Breakdown 002:




Breakdown 003:



The futures looking up right now.(repeat)

And NOW I messed it up again girl.

Background:(behind the outro spoken)

This song is dedicated to the love of my life, for putting up with me, and that’s about it.


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