Get Familiar With Bear the Astronot


Collecting Words is the Best Introduction.

Collecting Words is an album released by Bear the Astronot that collects the best of 10 years of music into one Remastered Album that seems like it was made just to help you get familiar with Bear the Astronot’s music.

Bear the Astronot

New to my music or a fan looking to collect some favorite tracks – Collecting Words is your first step.

Bear the AstronotThis is where I recommend you start.

Maybe you have never heard Bear the Astronot’s music, or you have only heard a few songs.  Skip around through the playlist to the right to get a much better feeling for his music by listening to some of his more popular songs.  Bear the Astronot’s music covers a vast array of styles and genres, so this is just a sneak peak into his sound.  If you enjoy the songs make sure you signup for a free download link, and listen to more music.  Bear the Astronot is a Songwriter, MC, and Producer from Arizona.  He was well known in the Underground Hip-Hop realm for many years, but has always been fond of jumping between genres.  You will hear Hip Hop, Rap, Bluegrass, Rock, Country, and Electronic influences in his music.