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    You have many options and ways to get free music from Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina. You can join one of the Fan Clubs to receive a download link, and even open up ALL of my past and future releases for free by joining the Mothership Fan Club Membership. My music is also available on many streaming sites all over online. I am a 100% Independent DIY musician, so I always appreciate your help sharing my music online. Do not hesitate to post music online, share it with your friends and family, or write about it.

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Free Music

Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina

How Does This Work?

There are multiple ways to receive Free Music from Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina.  Read Below for details.

Fan Clubs

  1. Join Flight School – Join Flight School and add your email to our mailing list.  It will not be used for anything except to keep you up to date with new music and information.  We do not share emails with anyone.  You will get a free download link sent straight to your email.  This link will give you access to an online folder where you can go to download current and future releases right away – That simple.
  2. Join Mothership – Join Mothership which is a special paid Fan Club. By paying a minimal monthly or yearly amount you will be given loads of special benefits.  You won’t just get a link to SOME free music, you will be able to login to your account right on our website and open up free downloads of ALL past and future releases.  Click Here to get a run down of even more of the benefits.
  3. Join Space Crew – Joining Space Crew won’t get you any Free Music, but it will get you paid a percentage of everything we make if you refer new fans.  So you will get paid for helping to spread the word! We like to think of Space Crew as our online Street Crew. You become part of the team, and we pay you a percentage when you refer someone to sign up for a paid membership. Click Here to get a run down of even more of the benefits.

On the Site

  1. Throw a Download in Your Cart and Checkout – View music on this site, and click a download button to add any songs or singles or albums you want to your cart.  You will get a download once you check out.  Some of the music will cost you to purchase, but there is also tons of free music on the site.  I have two on going mixtapes on my site burn your mixtapes and Backroads and Banjos which contain all free downloads. I had to dig through tons of crates to make all these albums so it is only fair that you have to dig a little for free gems.  You can check out my music here and dig up plenty more Free Downloads!

Buy or Stream Online

  1. Buy Music Online – Sure I give some of my music away for free, but if you are anything like me maybe you prefer to buy music.  This way you can sleep soundly knowing you helped out the musicians you enjoy.  My music is available online at iTunes and many other online retailers.  You can also find it on many music streaming sites as well. Click Here to get a list of options for buying and streaming music.
  2. Donate – Maybe you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying the music online?  Just click the donate button on this site and feel free to donate any amount you would like.  All of these funds go towards new projects, gear, and resources for recording and promoting my music.  Part of all money made on my music goes to help charities I believe in.

Flight School

Get news, updates, and a free download link as part of Flight School!  This is a FREE membership level, and you will still be able to keep up to date with Bear the Astronot & Turntable Kachina’s new music.  Basic Fan Club Information.


Hear songs before they are even released, get special content, and insights no one else will see or hear.  You will even be able to help Bear the Astronot make decisions and get all old and new releases for free!  Get Stuff No One Else Does.

Space Crew

Register as a Member of the Space Crew, and become an affiliate.  You will get PAID a percentage right to your Pay Pal every-time a new Mothership member signs up as says you referred them.  Help Bear with his music, and get paid part of what he makes for helping.