Bear the Astronot

Discography Bear the Astronot Alternative Hip-Hop artist and Songwriter. At first there were numerous horribly recorded mixtapes to cassette, then multiple bands and DJ mixes sold at clubs.  In 2007 Bear the Astronot began his solo career.  All of his solo releases are below, beginning with his first album Cricket Songs.

Cover Title Type Year
Cricket Songs Album Cover Discography Cricket Songs Album 2008
EMO Haircut E.P. Cover Discography EMO Haircut E.P. 2008
Bear-the-Astronot-Think-Revolution-Album-Cover-Discography Think Revolution Album 2009
Bear-the-Astronot-Vishnu-Schist-Album-Cover-Discography Vishnu Schist E.P. 2009
Bear the Astronot Girl Looking at Me Cover Discography Girl Looking At Me Single 2010
Back Roads and Banjos Album Cover Discography Backroads & Banjos

(on going)

Mixtape 2013
bear-the-astronot-burn-your-mixtapes-cover-discography burn your mixtapes

(on going)

Mixtape 2013
Deidra De Los Muertos Cover Discography Deidra De Los Muertos E.P. 2014
Bear the Astronot M.W.A. Married With Attitudes Cover Discography M.W.A. Married With Attitudes Single 2015
beartheastronot_sugarandhoney_cover_360 Sugar and Honey Single 2015
bear-the-astronot_Magnificence_cover_single_med Magnificence Single 2015
bear-the-astronot_Magnificence_cover_single_med Dirt Road Single 2015
bear-the-astronot-back_home-album_cover_large Back Home (re-release) Album 2015
bear-the-astronot-grand-canyon_albumcover_chapter1_med Grand Canyon Chapter1 Album 2015
BeartheAstronot_grandcanyon_cover_chapter2_med Grand Canyon Chapter2 Album 2015
Hometown_Graphic_med_bear_the_astronot Home Town Single 2015
RE:LAUNCH_Graphic_med_bear_the_astronot RE:LAUNCH Album 2016
Musician and Producer
Photo ofBear the Astronot
Bear the Astronot
Bear the Astronot
Turntable Kachina
(Bear Cole)
Lyricist, Songwriter, Musician, Producer
Free the Line Productions LLC
The Unhype Music Group