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Good Man to Ya Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot(Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)



My girl rocks it like a movie star. Her favorite rappers ever is Black-Blackstar.

She’s got intelligence, a ghetto sort of elegance, that makes all of these other girls irrelevant.

Won’t you be my Valentine everyday of the year because you look like sunshine.

I’m just tryin’ to be a good man to ya.

I just wanna be a good man to ya.


Verse 001:

My girl can rock some Target gear and make it look so sexy you’d think her clothes were clear. She smiles so big it goes from here to there.

My girl fits me so good it’s weird.

UrbanUberSofisticant in some B-Girl pants with her brim on a slant.

Make a man wanna’ pay the rent. You’d try to leave your girl if you saw her dance.

She looks a little bit like an angel from all angles,

Dude try to steal her and get strangled, because that’s my baby momma.

Don’t never talk bad about her momma, because my girl swings quick and she’ll knock a pause on ya.

Gangsta tendencies like she’s from California. She’ll fight a dude who tries to walk up on her in the club, and she’s only off of four Coronas.




Verse 002:

My girls like a poem, nah she’s more like a song.

A girl ain’t gonna stick around if you treat that girl wrong, so you need to tell that girl you love her. I ain’t Bobby Brown but “Word to the Mutha.”

I like my girl in some camo slacks, with some Puma kicks, and a backpack on the back.

I like a girl who eats so you model chicks, you skinny bitches, you need to put some weight on that.

Because my girls go the shake and my girls go the fries, and the only thing that’s shaking on these anerexic girls is their knees because their thighs are about the size of a straw.

And you know that little girl can’t handle these Bear Paws.

My ladies a goddess, she’s sick, don’t want no antibiotics, I ain’t immune to this.

I most have done something right,

Because my girls the most beautifullest thing on earth, Your God Damn Right!!



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