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The Cricket Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot (Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)


Verse 001:

My amphitheater is the dumpster in back of some downtown crumbling movie theater-It’s here that I turn my everyday in to Shakespeare, Kerouac, Ernest Hemmingway-Edgar Allan Poe-I rub my legs till’ they echo-The majority of my audience is trash but they still get a show-EXOSKELETAL ARMOR-Urban Mist Dalai Lama-Omni directional Cardiod Snake Charmer-Formaldehyde from cigarettes sealed my fate and my KARMA-Now I’m an AMERICAN flag tagged suicide bomber-In the backyard with a cotton ball that I pluck like a sitar-They growing branches of my past become the strings to my guitar-The pixels that Lincoln Log the big picture-These lips that I pluck write present day scriptures-But present day youth are all thugged out and drugged out bugged out about this cricket trip because to them I’m just THE CRICKET-



The rhythm of the night is mine-I sing notes and sines that keep the stars in line-When lined up those STARS become jail bars-That lock me in TIME with my antennae as radar-I’m THE CRICKET-I sing when nobodies listening-I sing at night while the stars are glistening-Trying to communicate-So I Rub Rub Rub Rub until my legs bend and break-THE CRICKET-


Verse 002:

A cellular mutation-White noise high frequency syncopation-hi-fi perforation in the assimilation of a PEACE TIME NATION-Leg strum painted drum heart palpitations-CREDIT CARD DEBT-Police allegations-REALITY TELEVISIONS underlying symbolism of all of us as bugs in their think tank prisons-COMMERCIALISM-That’s why THE CRICKET hides in a corner just him and antisocialism-Because his pre-emptive strike was a mic with a barbwire cord metal gloves and a motorbike-THE CRICKET drowns in his own water-Struck by STIGMATA by the hands of his father-His legs morph into own liquid tongue that he fires like a gun at the dumb till’ he’s done-






Is anybody listening?-The weight of this night on my shoulders is like a god damn christening-My hearts a speaker woofer-Energy pushes me physically creating sounds that rumble the earth and vibrate the ground all around-Inside the equations of physics is where my sounds are found-As they echo clear-Pouncing and bouncing around the stratosphere-The scream of the Langolier-The bubble thought nerf hoof herder-Cylindrical upside down spun wave surfer-I am the SKIN WALKER-Smooth spit insanity talker-Sticky fingered ruckus bringer-JABBERWOCKY pain auctioneer-I am a catch twenty-two with a see through lime green water pistol Mattel 22-My gat is hard plastic-A Gangster projection of spoken battery acid spray painted RED WHITE AND ASTERISK-



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