Collecting Words by Bear the Astronot

Bear the Astronot has been collecting words his entire life. Stacks of tattered notebooks and journals, files and files of lyrics and poems. Collecting Words is a window into the last 10 years of his music.

Bear the Astronot

New to my music or a fan looking to collect some favorite tracks – Collecting Words is your first step.

Bear the AstronotThis is where I recommend you start.

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As always guys, I’m just a normal guy who loves to make music. I have recorded, produced, written, performed, promoted, and put tons of hours of work into all the songs you hear. I don’t have a team or a label to help me out, but honestly prefer it that way. This also means that if you are a fan or enjoy a song or two, your help goes A LONG LONG WAY! If you share a song online with your friends, tell people about my music or talk about the new album when you are out having a drink, it will mean more to me as an Independent Artist than you might think. I appreciate everyone who even takes a moment to listen. Cheers!


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Collecting Words will introduce you to, or remind you of Bear the Astronot’s music in a powerful way.

10 years of late nights writing songs, and early mornings mixing and mastering. Bear the Astronot has spent decades as a musician and songwriter. Collecting Words is a collection of remastered greatest hits that shine a light on the depth and gravity of the last 10 years of his work as an artist. Most songs are Written, Performed, Produced, and Mixed by Bear himself. Known most for his Lyricism and Songwriting, just calling Bear Gallagher-Cole a hip hop artist does little to explain his sound. Just take some time to sit down and listen to Collecting Words, the songs do the best job describing themselves.

Bear the Astronot was born in the Grand Canyon National Park, and lived between there, Flagstaff Arizona, and the Navajo/Dine’ reservation growing up. He started to Freestyle and write his own songs and beats in 1993 at the age of 13. Bear spent much of his young adult life as an Artist, Producer, DJ, and Recording Engineer. He was a member of multiple touring bands and groups, but ultimately broke out as a solo artist about 2005 taking on the monaker Bear the Astronot. He began releasing his first solo album “Cricket Songs” in 2007.

Now 10 years later, in 2017 Bear the Astronot has released 100’s of songs and multiple albums. His music has mangled and mixed his hip hop lyricism, and stellar songwriting with nearly every genre imaginable.

“As I start to work on new music in 2017 I thought it was time to put a period on the last 10 years of my work and music. Collecting Words is a way for me to place that period. 33 songs and one Acapella for new listeners and fans alike to get a more concise grasp on what I’m all about. I have a tendency to wander through music, and sometimes listeners can get lost in all of it. I wanted to put out a Collection that highlights my songwriting and helps define my sound – before I go wandering again.”

33 songs and one Accapella. Collecting Words isn’t necessarily a greatest hits. Is it really even possible for an Underground MC and Independent Artist like Bear the Astronot to have a greatest hits? Probably not. It is exactly as he said, a powerful way for new listeners to be introduced to his body of work, and a great way for fans to get Remastered versions of their favorite songs.

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