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Broken Bottles Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot  (Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)


Verse 001:

Don’t worry, everything is fine, daddies back in rehab, they’ll make him better this time.

I’m a child, so I’m in denial, I think that it’s Okay that daddy drinks, he’s not what everybody thinks, or tells me is an alchoholic. He’s still just my dad, he isn’t violent when he does it.

Besides, I think he’s funny when he’s drunk. He says funny things, and takes a piss in the trunk of our car. He let’s me play games at the bar.

But now we’re leaving, this isn’t funny anymore this is hard.

I don’t really want to move out, I don’t care if daddy drinks, I don’t want a new house!!

To Late, Mom and Dad go to court. It takes a little while to finalize the divorce.

It’s supposed to take the pain away like everybody says,

So How Come It Hurts Us So Bad Dad?



Please just let me in, I promise that I’m your friend.

I’ll take the pain away. (x2)


Verse 002:

I’m older now, experimenting with drugs, It doesn’t help I make my living DJ’ing in clubs. Free Drinks the bartender is always happy to serve.

It isn’t really a problem, It helps to calm my nerves.

Besides, the only reason I drink every night, is because I work every night.

I’m not really the type to have an addiction,

Besides, this vodka tastes real good with these depression prescriptions.



No one will stop me from drinking I don’t have a problem. (x2)

Background:(behind Bridge spoken)






Verse 003:

I need to clean up, Deidra is pregnant and my dad says that we can stay with him.

The only thing is when Deidra and I get there he’s doing time for a D.U.I.

But he get’s another one on the way, Now dad’s in jail, my girl’s pregnant, and we have nowhere to stay.

Dad’s falling apart, scared about the trial and suicidal breaking my heart.

A bottle has destroyed my role model, and the same bottle is staring me in the face, telling me to just take one taste, It says that all my problems will be erased,

So I break it (glass breaking SFX)

I break it, glass shatters out like confetti, you’ve done enough to my life already, I’m the only one who can take this pain away, I’m okay, I never needed you anyway.




(Glass Breaking SFX)

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