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Breaking up is Fun to do Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot(Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)




Breaking up is fun to do, I said I love breaking up with you.


Verse 001:

Baby Girl, I was there when you wanted me and,

Baby Girl, I was there when you needed me to,

Buy you things, Wash Your Hair.

But I ain’t really go time for this right now,

Just look on the porch because your shit’s all there.



Your shit’s all there.(x6)


Background:(behind hook speaking)

I ain’t even take nothin’,

I left you all the pictures I don’t wanna’ look at em’.

I left you half the DVD’s and that nasty gallon of milk you left in the refrigerator.


Verse 002:

Baby Girl, you took advantage of what you had.

Now I got a better girl, believe me baby this bitch is bad.

Bad as they come, hawaiin silky, bad as they come.

What I was supposed to wait around for your cheating as to give me some? Nah.


Baby Girl, you thought that you were slick.

Running around town, girl you make me sick.

Make-up all thick, you look like Memoirs of a Geisha gone bad girl.

That’s what you get you skinny bitch, for sucking glass dicks.



Breaking up is fun to do, I said I love breaking up with you.


Verse 003:

I packed for you, it’s time for you to move out.

We were just ordinary people. Now get out of my house.

I’m a nice guy, but if you give me that eye one more time I’ll flip it around and then I’ll turn into Ike Turner.

All your things are piled up on the porch, either you leave right now or I’ll remove you with force.

You wanted to get married, that’s Gnarls Barkley crazy, 99 Problems like Jay-Z,

One less bitch.


Verse 004:(repeat Verse 001)



Background:(behind hook speaking)

Your shoes, your shirts, your pants. I never even like that stankin’ ass outfit anyways. Remember that Teddy Bear you bought me? That shit’s out there too. The dishes, your T.V., your speakers, your CD collection, it’s all there, your food, keep it!




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