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Blabber Mouths Lyrics – Cricket Songs by Bear the Astronot

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All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot(Running-Bear Gallagher Cole)


Verse 001:

Welcome to the storm front inside the eye of the dollar bill where we flip-flop our skills.

Welcome to my insanity, where a word like trendy is profanity.

Now a days kids don’t have fathers,

Want to be like a rapper or and NBA Starter.

Urban Myth Martyrs.

Do you really want Paris Hilton raising your daughters?

Young girls drowning in aborted fetuses, promiscuous spreading sex diseases.

Herpes wound, sign of the cross, punish themselves for our sins and feel more like

Jesus Did.

Go ahead and keep hiding your skeletons,

American Idols inside of your television,

Make your kids more like them; Make your music more like them,

Fuck Them And All Of You Blabbermouths.



These blabbermouths keep on talking right now.

They’re trying to tell me how to do my own style.

But I ain’t listening someone’s imprisoned them in their own ways,

My path it exists within. (x2)


Verse 002:

Within my voice box. Acne faced gangstas,

Looks like a case of the chickenpox.

Blabbermouths talk a lot at their own cost,

I’m hostile, hostages muzzled up with socks.

The death of creativity, for marketability, the validity,

Vulnerability, of my profits becomes a thirty-minute joke on reality TV.

Arizona rapper, Want to dress me like a Hill Billy?

Dance around monkey do that thing that’s silly?

Do you really want to push me as far as Michael?

The one that sang Billy Jean paint myself green,

Turn my nose into a paperclip and run around town pants down,

Always trying to Free Willy.

Sentence me to Surreal Life for Cox Cable Accessibility,

I Am Not Your Profitability.





Get that, Split that, Get that Money!!

Get that, Split that, Get that Money!!

Get that Money! Get that Money!! Get that, Get that, Get that Money!




Verse 003:

It’s just one big game of Monopoly; Boardwalk is a Grammy that you win with Monotony.

Bend over stick a tranquilizing dart in me, because I’m done they blew me up by Botoxing me.

Intravenously wired to the Enquire, so now fiction is the path that they prescribe ya’.

What ever it is you Blabbermouths blab about,

I ain’t one of your copycats,

Leave Me Out Your Mouth.



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