• Turntable Kachina

    Bear was so lost in genres for awhile that it was hard to create projects under one name. Out of necessity Turntable Kachina was born. Production ranging from Chill, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop to House, Dance, Jungle, and Dubstep. Turntable Kachina is Bear’s instrumental mind.

Turntable Kachina

Turntable Kachina is one producer’s exploration into sound. From the most remote reaches of the Southwest, Grand Canyon National Park to the towering painted cliffs of Monument Valley, the sounds of nature meet jutting comets and industrial pings in Turntable Kachina’s compositions. The music is at once electronic urban pulsing static, and subtle flowing mountain side inner journey. A mixture of electronic, Hip Hop, house, drum & bass, downtempo, jazz, and chill influences bubbles from samples, synths, and pounding drums. Turntable Kachina does not have a genre or title, because as humans we should not constrain our experiences to genres or titles.

The music of Turntable Kachina is created by Bear the Astronot. This is his foraging for sound-scapes outside the intruding boundaries of Hip Hop. If Bear the Astronot is what his mind and mouth sound like, Turntable Kachina is the sound of his body and soul. The majority of Turntable Kachina’s songs were created with movie and video game soundtracks in mind. All of them are meant to tell a story, project emotions, or capture a point in time. Bear purposefully breaks the constraining and often strict rules of each style, mixing and melding techniques used by various producers and Dj’s, and the end product is often a gumbo of samples, synths, and live instrumentation.

Bear is a trained and certified studio engineer, audio technician, and spent over eight years as a professional event, club, and rave DJ. All of his experience as an MC, Producer, and DJ is funneled cohesively into this music. He creates these songs from the ground up, handling all performance, production, recording, mixing, and mastering himself. Years of playing instruments such as saxophone, turntables, and piano, have aided his creative skill.

The songs created by this artist are perfect for advertising, movies, video games, and more. Created for contemplation, meditation, and enlightenment, they just might have you dancing and reflecting at the same time. See what our planet sounds like from outer-space, and what secrets lie behind the “Turntable Kachina.”

BTA Beats – Take Your Sound To Another Planet

Music, Beats, and Soundscapes for sale for your next project, album, film, or game. Purchase beats, sounds, or exclusives. Professional production from Bear Cole, also known as Bear the Astronot and Turntable Kachina. Atmospheric chill, Energetic Rock, and Hip Hop beats that will rock your next show or video.

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Turntable Kachina
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