Action Hero Lyrics

From the Album Cricket Songs

by Bear the Astronot

Action Hero by Bear the Astronot

All lyrics and music written and performed by Bear the Astronot (Running-Bear Gallagher Cole) Turntables and Scratching by D’Anthony


I used to be an action hero, but now I’m just a regular guy.

Who’s in debt, trying to cash his rent check, but he can’t do it, because he owes it all to the I.R.S.

Used to be an action hero, but now I’m just a regular guy.

With a belly and a receding hairline and it’s funny what happens with time.

Hook 002:

So everyone get your hands in the air, remember the days when we didn’t have a care.

Just a car, still going to be superstars, still on top of the planet, because we didn’t have jobs or bills yet.

Everyone get you hands up high; reach you hands up to the sky.

Remember how it felt to be free, and remind yourself that you still can be.

Verse 001:

I just got another letter from the I.R.S. opened it and read it, it said they was suckas.

Trying to take money I don’t have, opened another letter it said that I’m a deadbeat dad.

Started thinking about the things I used to have, and all of a sudden it didn’t feel so bad.

Back in the days when we was still childrens, back in them days we could still leap tall buildings.

Before I was on the defense, I was passing Algebra tests with my spider sense.

Before I even had a reason to rhyme, it was just me and Optimus Prime Vs. Skeletor,

Skeletor is kind of like the people that I’m working for,

Except he had a little more heart. And better dressed for sure, But now I’m stressed,

Unshaved, and poor.


Verse 002:

Before I became a moron, we used to connect like Voltron.

Me and my friends who’s all gone.

I used to get the ladies like King Kong.

Now I flip the switch quick past the cartoon channel, obey commands on command like a Cocker Spaniel. I use words like responsible and annual. Before I ever place the first screw I read the manual.

But if you could have seen me then, with seven stitches in my chin, dirt on my face and a mile long grin.

You would have respected my super powers then.

When I wasn’t just a regular guy, when I was the lord of the flies, a mullet headed midget with belief in his eyes.

Maybe if I believe again I’ll ride my cape through the skies.


Scratches and cuts by D’Anthony.

Verse 003:

Maybe the truth is that I ain’t some zero. Maybe the truth is I’m an action hero.

Maybe the truth is I’m always stuck in the middle of one big riddle and I’m ready to take a stand like DeNiro.

Against the riddler, the middleman middle class phone booth killer, the pharmaceutical mind drug dealer.

Maybe every time that I sit down with a pen while disgusted, these rhymes actually help the public fight for justice.

In all reality I ain’t James Bond or Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m more like Spawn,

Tormented by the demons of hell with a cape that engulfs me and a mask on.

Maybe one day they’ll be a Bear the Astronot comic, and a movie, until then I’ll roll up in a ball and take the world on like Sonic.

Maybe my super power is a well thought rhyme, and I’m saving the world revealing one bad guy at a time.

Hook 003:

So everyone get your hands in the air, remember the reason that you still care.

Is you’re a super hero, and the fate of this planet relies on your powers.

Everyone get your hands up high,

Weapons against mass destruction straight to the sky, Weapons against mass destruction straight to the sky,

But remember a super hero would use them.

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